Atomic Note-Taking Course Outline

The Atomic Note-Taking course consists of 104 videos. Here is the outline of the course.

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2 Videos | 11m

  1. Introduction | 3m 29s
  2. About Your Instructor | 7m 31s

Knowledge Management

3 Videos | 19m

  1. Why Knowledge Management | 8m 52s | Watch now
  2. Externalisation of Your Thoughts | 1m 17s | Watch now
  3. Different Types of Note-Taking | 9m 33s

The Zettelkasten Method

25 Videos | 2h 6m

  1. The Zettelkasten Introduction | 11m 55s
  2. The Benefits of the Zettelkasten | 7m 19s
  3. The Commonplace | 3m 10s
  4. Zettelkasten Concepts | 2m 55s
  5. Zettelkasten Workflow | 3m 4s
  6. Writing Atomic Notes | 10m 39s | Watch now
  7. Questions to Ask So Far | 2m 1s
  8. Fleeting, Literature and Permanent Note Workflow | 2m 59s
  9. Fleeting Notes | 4m 27s
  10. Literature Notes | 8m 25s
  11. Avoid Confirmation Bias | 3m 2s
  12. Asking Questions in Your Literature Notes | 4m 6s
  13. Permanent Notes | 6m 14s
  14. How to Merge Literature Notes to Permanent Notes | 2m 5s
  15. Map of Content | 9m 32s
  16. When to Link Notes | 11m 19s
  17. When Not to Link Notes | 1m 53s
  18. Intermediary Note Ideas | 2m 39s
  19. Conversational vs Archivist Links | 3m 2s
  20. Bi-directional Links and Backlinks | 3m 38s
  21. The Emergence of New Ideas | 3m 27s
  22. Storing Information Like in Our Brains | 5m 9s
  23. Used as a Tool to Think | 3m 57s
  24. Top Down vs Bottom Up Note-Taking | 7m 55s
  25. Zettelkasten Quick Summary | 1m 13s

Zettelkasten by Example

12 Videos | 1h 21m

  1. Creating Fleeting Notes | 12m 7s
  2. Fleeting Notes from PDF Documents | 4m 28s
  3. Fleeting Notes from Videos and Lectures | 11m 10s
  4. Fleeting Notes from Audiobooks | 6m 19s
  5. Transcribing Audio Notes | 2m 47s
  6. Fleeting Notes from an Article | 8m 39s | Watch now
  7. Literature Notes by Example | 1m 49s
  8. Permanent Notes by Example | 9m 25s
  9. Intermediary Note Idea by Example | 3m 41s
  10. Map of Content by Example | 6m 18s
  11. Asking Questions of Your Zettelkasten by Example | 9m 1s
  12. Creating a Blog Article from Your Zettelkasten by Example | 6m 1s

Advanced Zettelkasten

10 Videos | 1h 23m

  1. Advanced Fleeting Notes | 5m 18s
  2. Advanced Reading from Books | 10m 50s
  3. Advanced Learning from Videos | 8m 22s
  4. Book Summaries | 7m 31s
  5. Numbering Your Notes | 9m 43s
  6. Referencing | 8m 38s
  7. Creating Original Insight | 7m 45s
  8. Organising the Chaos | 6m 48s
  9. Shared Zettelkasten within a Team | 9m 30s
  10. The Health of Your Zettelkasten | 9m 33s


44 Videos | 3h 36m

  1. Q&A | 1m 58s
  2. My Note Are Too Long | 6m 1s
  3. Why Bother with Fleeting Notes? | 3m 48s
  4. What's Different About Literature and Permanent Notes? | 2m 44s
  5. Can't I Just Write Permanent Notes? | 5m 46s
  6. How Do I Use Daily Notes with the Zettelkasten Method? | 9m 5s
  7. What Do I Do About Data Tables and Diagrams? | 4m 53s
  8. Do All Literature Notes Become a Permanent Note? | 8m 57s
  9. What if my Permanent Notes is the Same as my Literature Note? | 8m 35s
  10. Do I Use One Slip Box for Unrelated Topics? | 8m 48s
  11. How Do You Name Your Notes? | 5m 11s
  12. What if I have Multiple Notes with the Same Name? | 4m 37s
  13. How Do You Give Credit to the Original Speaker? | 2m 50s
  14. How Many Maps of Content Should I Create? | 3m 29s
  15. When Do You Update Existing Notes? 3m 1s
  16. What Happens to Fleeting and Literature Notes? | 2m 45s
  17. Wont my Notes Get Too Messy Without Folders? | 2m 34s
  18. Who Has Time to Turn Fleeting Notes Into Literature Notes | 3m 26s | Watch now
  19. What Do You Do With Notes that are No Longer Relevant? | 1m 45s
  20. What Should I Do With Old Versions of Notes? | 4m 14s
  21. When Should I Use Hashtags? | 3m 5s
  22. How Do You Store Questions in Your Zettelkasten? | 7m 37s
  23. How Do You Number Your Notes? | 3m 59s
  24. Is Note Hierarchy Discouraged? | 5m 44s
  25. How Do You Create Bi-directional Links Between Notes? | 2m 49s
  26. How Do You Find the Right Notes to Link to? | 7m 37s
  27. How to Connect Ideas from Different Topics Together? | 9m 58s
  28. Can You Use it as a Student in a Classroom? | 6m 14s | Watch now
  29. Is It Useful for Visual Learners? | 3m 2s
  30. What if I Want to Capture a Quote? | 5m 36s
  31. Writing in my Own Words, Isn't that a Permanent Note? | 2m 2s
  32. Others Say Book Notes are Literature Notes | 5m 18s
  33. Studying a Big Textbook | 3m 57s
  34. How Do I Deal with a 5 Hour Lecture? | 2m 25s
  35. Can the Zettelkasten Be Applied to Technical Books? | 9m 42s | Watch now
  36. Can You Use This Method to Study for Certification Exams? | 5m 32s
  37. How Far Do You Go Down the Rabbit Hole of Things to Study? | 5m 0s
  38. My Notes Aren't Original | 4m 32s
  39. How to Write Notes in Your Own Words? | 3m 19s
  40. I've Run Out of Notes to Process | 2m 52s
  41. When Can I Connect Ideas in My Slipbox? | 4m 33s
  42. Am I Plagiarising When I Write My Own Articles? | 3m 55s
  43. When Can I Write Blog Posts from My Zettelkasten? | 6m 44s | Watch now
  44. What If I Have a Project Before My Notes? 6m 32s

Note-Taking and AI

5 Videos | 23m

  1. AI and Knowledge Workers | 8m 13s
  2. Thinking vs Tools | 2m 38s | Watch now
  3. AI vs Deep Thinking | 3m 11s
  4. AI vs Creative Skills | 3m 3s
  5. Where AI Can Be Powerful | 6m 1s


2 Videos | 19m

  1. Choosing a Note Taking App | 12m 12s
  2. The Future of Note-Taking | 7m 24s

The End

1 Videos | 2m

  1. Final Thoughts | 2m 49s
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The Atomic Note-Taking video course include the 266 page PDF and ePub version of the book.

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